What do we believe?
The purpose of Racine Christian School is to provide a Christ-centered, quality education which will equip God's children to function as Christians in society, church and home. Since 1929 RCS has worked toward this end. Our heritage, charter and governance are closely tied to the Reformed faith and our current enrollment includes families from over thirty-six different denominations.

Where do RCS families live?
99.9% of all RCS families live in the Racine, Sturtevant and Franksville areas which include Caledonia, Mount Pleasant and Elmwood villages.

How do I enroll?
Enrollment in RCS is open to all children entering grades K-8 whose parents desire a Christian education for them. No student will be denied admission to RCS on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin. Parents desiring to enroll their children at Racine Christian School agree to the following admission requirements. 

Admissions Application
New families must submit a formal application for admission, accompanied by a letter of recommendation from their home church pastor. A mandatory interview with RCS principal Mr. Van Swol is required after which the full school board votes to approve or deny the application.  

Spiritual Requirements
Parents must acknowledge that the basis for Christian education at RCS is the Word of God. Children will be taught that God is our Creator and that His Son Jesus Christ is the only way for salvation from our sins. Biblical passages that affirms this statement: Romans 3:23, 5:8, 6:23, 10:9-10 and John 3:16 & 5:24  

Church Involvement 
All families are expected to be active members of a Bible-believing Christian church. A Pastor's Recommendation Form is part of the admissions process.  

School Financial Support and Involvement
All families are to be prepared to support the school program with an ability to pay the tuition and fees as set by the School Board. Parents' desire to support the authority of the School Board and its policies for the operation of the school is important. RCS is a parent-run school that relies on parent volunteerism to accomplish its goals, and active participation is encouraged.  

Parent Interview
The RCS Principal, Administrator and/or School Board member will interview parents applying for admission to discuss the aims of the school and those of the parents.  

How much is tuition?
Every effort is made by the RCS School Board to keep tuition at an affordable level. RCS has an endowment fund to help off set a percentage of the costs.


Please see Registration and Tuition for more information.

TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program) is available to parents to help supplement their tuition. Please see the Parents Tab for more information on TRIP.

Do you have a dress code?

Yes, we do have a dress code. We expect boys to wear collared shirts and casual shorts, pants, or jeans. Girls should also wear modest blouses, shorts, pants, jeans, or dresses. 

Proper footwear covering the toes and heels is required.

Athletic apparel and t-shirts are not allowed. 


The full policy is available upon request for registering families.

Does RCS have a bus service?
Yes, bus transportation is provided by the approved supplier under contract to the Racine Unified School System for those children who are eligible. 


What supplies will my child need to bring to the first day of school?
Click here for a complete list of all needed supplies compiled by each grade's teacher.  

Is RCS affiliated with a church or denomination?
Yes. Our heritage, charter and governance are closely tied to the Reformed faith and church, located across the street from RCS, though our current enrollment includes families from approximately 40 different denominations. Formal ownership of, and authority over, the Racine Christian School rests with the members of the 'society'. This group traces its origin to the Racine Christian Reformed Church whose members originally established the school in 1929. The basis of the Society is set forth in a formal document of 'constitution'.  


Is there a high school associated with RCS?
No. Students from RCS proceed to many different area high schools, Christian and public. The majority of RCS students attend one of the following area high schools: Racine Lutheran, Christian Life (located in Kenosha), Racine Park, Horlick High, Case High, or Union Grive High.

What are the approximate class sizes?
RCS class size is limited to 25 students per class. Classes can fill-up so please register your child promptly. 

What methods do you use for teaching children to read? Do you teach phonics?
Yes, at RCS we strive to enable our students to better understand God's world through the development of written and oral communication skills. Reading instruction includes decoding (phonics) and comprehending written word, interpreting and evaluating materials presented, and fostering a love of books. Our ultimate goal for our students is to produce lifelong readers who enjoy reading for both pleasure and knowledge. Reading and writing skills are important in nearly every aspect of life. God's covenant children have the additional responsibility of understanding God's will and purpose for their lives. The ability to read and comprehend God's written word, the Bible, is essential to their ability to fulfill God's calling and to serve Him effectively in His world.

Do you have a computer lab?
Yes, RCS has a computer lab that is run by our computer teacher who continually works with our Technology Committee to keep the lab current and up-to-date.  

STAR (Shared Time and Resources) Program:
 Each school family is asked to dedicate a minimum of 20 volunteer work hours over the course of the school year in support of RCS activities, or pay an additional $500 fee.

What is "CSI?"
"CSI" is an acronym for Christian Schools International, a worldwide organization serving over 400 Christian Schools in North America. This affiliation offers RCS a broad range of resources to meet the needs of students and staff. The Wisconsin CSI schools join together for several annual activities: A speech and spelling festival, a writing contest, a music festival, a two-day basketball tournament, a track meet and a teachers' institute.  

What is "WRISA?" 
"WRISA" is an acronym for Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation. This means that RCS has achieved the high standards of excellence required of all members of the WRISA and is fully accredited by the board of directors.  

How can I make a financial contribution to Racine Christian School? 
Direct donations are always welcome. You can also help the school by using programs such as Market Day, Trip, Box Top & Labels for Education, Pick'n Save, Target and Kemp's Milk. To assist financially in the quality of Christian education at RCS, please forward donations to Racine Christian School, 912 Virginia Street, Racine, Wisconsin 53403.